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Warrior Poses

The three virabhadra poses represent moments in the myth of Shiva's rage against his father in law. When Shiva's beloved wife Sati is killed, he tears a dreadlock from his head, casts it down and creates Virabhadra, the angry vengeful warrior. The 3 positions represent Virabhadra's assault on Daksha, the father in law. Shiva eventually realises that revenge does not restore his bride nor solve anything. He must accept the impermanence of life and the grief it brings. When doing the poses it is an opportunity to reflect on anger and our ability to see things as they truly are.

Virabhadrasana A

Virabhadrasana B

Since I do not have a picture of myself in Warrior B, here is a placeholder I found on the web.

You can buy this from BJeppsonArt on etsy if you like it. I rather like the other photos too.


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