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Happy Thanksgiving!

OK guys, first things first. I abruptly cancelled classes in November since I was fighting covid and a secondary sinus infection. I am not sure which was worse but I did not have a good time for about 2 weeks. This past Saturday I started feeling like a human being again. Just in time for work to catch up to me and my relatives visiting for Thanksgiving.

I am having a wondeful time with my husband and his family this week over Thanksgiving, if you have never had the Thanksgiving dinner service in the Gold Room at The Biltmore Resort, I highly recommend spending the money on it. It was spectacular and they missed nothing today. I'm leaving next week for a trip to Michigan which is going to be nearly two weeks to visit my parents and family in Michigan. Classes will start up again with Wednesday Yin Yoga on December 13th, and in December I've started Saturday morning Beginner Yoga Classes again due to popul;ar demand.

I am still struggling to find commercial lease space in order to open a studio in Phoenix, any leads in this direction are appreciated.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your loved ones!

See you when I return from Michigan in December.

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