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Sound Bath Meditation

I am very much looking forward to this Saturday's 6pm Workshop!!!

How do I explain what a 'Sound Bath' is? In my own experience, it's a deep meditation in which I am 'bathed' in sound waves. I've been to a few of these over the years with different artists or moderators; folks who have logged hours of experience playing singing bowls and gongs to create ambient sound waves. It's profoundly immersive and combined with restorative yoga poses offers a full body listening experience!

This Men's Naked Workshop will take you to a deeper state of consciousness, fully allow you to unplug from external stimuli and block your mind chatter. What a great opportunity to check in with your mental health as your nervous system is soothed with sound vibrations calming the effects of depression, anxiety and even physical pain. You are actually being cleansed by the sound. You can use this to return to a place of grounded-ness allowing you to clear blockages in your cakras and experience the freedom of healing.

Keith Caplin is really a master of guiding us into meditation playing a combination of gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. It's alot more than just a series of musical notes strung together to sound pretty; there is a deep intention behind every tone and vibration he creates. Feel exhilarated and inspired as you connect with your own positivity!

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