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Saturday's 9am & 10:30am Outside at home on our private patio.

For a few weeks now, I have been teaching on Saturday mornings at home. I will of course do it until June 11th this year, then we are off to Chicago for another 3-4 weeks to finish everything up these that we need to do. Or until the AZ heat just starts to be too brutal even in the morning for yoga practice. I do have ceiling fans outside and the patio is definitely covered from the sun. The pool is still a little brisk but you are welcome to take a dip while you are here.

9am PT Online Men's Naked Vinyasa Flow -

This class is open for joining in online or if you live in Phoenix and you'd like to attend in person, just drop me a note and let me know. I'm happy to have more than just me as I provide online instruction.

Vinyasa Yoga isn’t about bending you into a pretzel, it’s about challenging you to your fullest potential. This yoga class focuses on enhancing endurance, strength and flexibility, synchronizing movement with breath while flowing from pose to pose. The pace of the class is slower than some vinyasa classes, but builds heat and intensity through a sustained practice of Sun Salutations and other flowing sequences. The class begins with seated breath awareness and meditation followed with detailed work on static poses that round out the practice before a final relaxation.

10:30am PT Men's Naked Beginner Yoga -

In person, outdoors on our covered back patio in North Phoenix. Class ends at noon and you'll have time to wrap up and keep that lunch date. Did you finish that hike up North Mountain already? I live 10 minutes away from the trailheads if you feel like you need a stretch afterward!

I absolutely love beginners! You take the first step and we will help you through the rest! This class will focus on breath work, strengthening, lengthening and less demanding balance poses. Even if you can't get the pose in the beginning we have props and modifications to help you attain the same benefits as those pretty folks on the cover of yoga magazines. I give personal attention to beginners, take questions and I won't hesitate to workshop a pose until you understand it.

For 75 minutes you’ll experience instruction, light movement, use of props and pose modifications along with a bit of guided meditation. We aren’t worried about your clothes! You'll need a yoga mat, a hand towel and water.

Please come join me on Saturday mornings the next few weeks! ~Forrest

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