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Saddle Pose

Since tonight I'll be teaching Yin Yoga poses the last half of my online class, we'll go over saddle pose ahead of time. I included a few pics at the end of this post for a visual.

From child’s pose, rise into a high kneeling pose with knees at hip width or wider, depending on your personal preference. Saddle is similar to supta virasana (reclined hero’s pose). Feet can be underneath you, which works the spine more, or if it’s more comfortable, you can sit between the feet, which targets the front of the legs.

If the ankles protest, place a blanket underneath them. If the knees are not happy, try placing a thin blanket or a folded strap behind the knees to alleviate pressure.

Slowly lower the back toward the floor, placing the hands behind you, fingers pointing toward the hips, to ease the descent. Stop wherever you need to—You can come down onto forearms, recline on a bolster, or release all the way to the floor. It’s fine if the knees lift or move closer or farther apart. If the compression in the lumbosacral vertebrae becomes too intense, return to a more upright position, or come out of the pose entirely.

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Ronald Ernst
Ronald Ernst
Feb 03, 2021

if it works do it .make a good face mask.

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