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Supreme Joy is Attained through the practice of Gratitude

संतोषादनुत्तमसुखलाभः॥४२॥ Yoga Sutra II:42


Supreme Joy is Attained through the practice of Gratitude

I'm not sure what to say except THANK YOU men for your participation in the first set of workshops hosted by BearNakedYogi this past Saturday! I think all of the classes were a huge success and I really enjoyed seeing all of you there! It was so inspiring to practice under Hector Sol's guidance and the whole Tantra workshop was very energizing and inspiring. Keith Caplin's 'Vibrational Energetic Reset' using the the gongs and sound bowls was ethereal and uplifting, the perfect end to the day and the week! Hopefully we'll be able to do this again in a few weeks.

Guys, I am SUPER HAPPY about the way things went this weekend. 'Santosha' is the experience of unconditional happiness. It creates contentment in the mind, and when the mind is content, 'Samadhi' or enlightenment is attained. I hope that you carried your own bliss with you into today and that it lasts for days and weeks to come.

Namasté Sarve Sukhino Bhavantu,


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