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CLC Custom Leathercraft 305 Extra Large Kneeling Pad

My new friend Ted came to class a couple of weeks ago with one of these kneeling pads you see in mechanic shops and maybe some nurseries. I have some traditional yoga props around here and I would normally tell you to use a blanket under each knee for certain poses we do on our hands and knees - i.e. Child's Pose.

YES! So I'm not buying a dozen of these for my space here but if you ever felt like you needed something more substantial to cushion your knees during practice, this is a really nice item. I can get my knees very wide in Child's Pose and this accommodates both knees perfectly when placed across your yoga mat. The cut out handle makes it easy to move to the side when it's no longer needed.

Here is the link to buy it on Amazon:

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Pretty sure that we need to see you knees spread (from behind would be optimal) to see for ourselves...😋😘

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