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Yoga Cart & Props, Holding Space & Samsara

Most of you know that I rent Studio 4 from a ballet theatre here in Central Phoenix. For some time now I have enjoyed being able to keep about 10 blankets and just about as many blocks and straps stored on a shelf out in the open. Also, 2 mechanics pads for those of you with really bad knees. I kept a large wheeled storage bin in the same room with 6 laser light projectors, teacher notes, sand bags, small bolsters, extra yoga mat straps, loaner yoga mats, backup bluetooth speakers and a curtain for the door to keep the glass covered. Then there are the partner mats. I have 6 of them so that we have a safer time during Partner Yoga on Monday. They are 52in long when rolled up and take up quite a bit of corner space. 6 of them stacked up for a class I teach one night per week is definitely too much on the other days of the week to just leave in the room.

I have come to the self realization that I am a yoga teacher-hoarder of material things. Space has become an issue in the new year as the ballet theatre has acquired more stage set items, props and costumes as they evolve and get involved in more endeavors. When I first started teaching there I kept some things in a storage room across from Studio 4 but over time I actually pared down those items to what I thought was a comfortable collection of yoga props and just started storing the items in the studio itself. As others rent the space, they have (albeit blindly) looked to me for some precedent on these things and now the time has come when others want to leave their items in the room as well. The point of the space is for people to move around. If 6 different teachers of 6 different practices start storing 6 different collections of their stuff, the Studio becomes another storage room and it becomes a problem for all of us. So I was asked a couple of weeks ago to start containing as well as moving some things out of the room. Without realizing that the storage room across the hall is at capacity, I purchased a wheeled cart thinking that if my yoga things were contained here, I could wheel that cart back out after I end my classes and then the stuff would not be an issue. I was so happy, this seemed to work out really well; I was so grateful to all of you who helped me put it together:

I got a bit of a worrysome call last week and there was a discussion about the new lack of space in the building and all the rest. Sadly, the corridor to the storage room is also stacked with stuff and this cart will not fit down the pathway. We need to get stuff out of there and the cart needed to go.

The cart and the yoga props are safe. Jim helped me dismantle the cart and haul everything home on Wednesday night after the Yin Yoga class. At least for the next couple of weeks while I work with the ballet theatre on a solution that will work for everyone, I'm going to bring some limited props with me to classes and take them with me when I leave. I may ask the partner yoga guys to lend a hand with the mats coming up from the trunk of my car and then taking them back downstairs after class on Mondays.

If you come to my classes and you do make use of the blocks, straps, or blankets, I do sell a BNY Beginner Yoga Pack on my site for $40 and this might make sure that at least you'd own yours and not worry about having it when you need it. These packs do not include a yoga mat. You can purchase an inexpensive one at Ross or Marshall's, or I will always recommend the Manduka PRO Mat if you are looking to make more of an investment in your yoga practice.

SAMSARA is the cycle of death and rebirth to which all beings in the material world are bound. It is the repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by karma. Thank you for your practice, help and understanding while we are stuck on this wheel until some yoga prop enlightenment reveals itself in the future!


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