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The world is a crazy place

Hi Guys,

It has been a crazy few days here in the USA hasn't it?

The world feels pretty crazy right now. I suspect many of you know my antidote to stress and destabilization: practice! If your mind is racing or you’re anxious or feel disembodied, do your best to not spend time thinking about what you’re going to do: just show up for practice on your mat. Distress will diminish simply by moving and breathing and focusing on drishti. I can’t say it enough: don’t spend time and energy debating with yourself about whether getting on your mat is a good idea. Just do it. Even if you start out with a whirling mind, you’ll find that things start to slow down and chill out as you breathe and stretch. If you need a pep talk or want to talk more about this, I’m always ready to discuss.

I'm still teaching this class on Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific Time. Take a time out for yourself to let go of the outside and go inside to find a quieter place. It doesn't hurt you to break a bit of a sweat either!

"If this is the beginning of a new aquarian age, my work is to quiet my mind, open my heart and relieve suffering. Or if this is the armageddon, the end of the world, my work is to quiet my mind, open my heart and relieve suffering." ~ Ram Dass

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