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Thank You!

Hello Naked Yogis!

June 2021 is almost over. Since I started renting space for summer I cannot even begin to describe the level of love and gratitude I have for you guys. Whether you just started coming to class this month or you've been with me on Zoom or on the back porch for the past several months, you have contributed to the elevation of this Men's Naked Yoga program not only by your monetary support but by just showing up for your practice.

To all of you, Om Nama Shivaya 🙏🕉

What you might not hear out of me too often is that every time I see you guys I get inspired. I'm eager to do what I love which is to help you along your yoga journey so that you can find the bliss that I do through asana, meditation, and devotion.

If you are slower to emerge from isolation due to this pandemic, I understand and you can come to class when you are ready. In my class, I hold a safe, comfortable and healthy space for you; if you have ever felt otherwise in my class let me know.

Let's finish out June 2021 on exactly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before we let go until July 5th. Bring your Mala Beads this week guys. I will blog post a little more later but we're going to devote some of our practice this week to Kali-Maa. I have mala beads if you do not.

Men’s Naked Yoga

Monday June 28th 6pm – Beginner Yoga

Tuesday June 29th 6pm – Slow & Low

Wednesday June 30th 6pm – Yin Yoga

Central Phoenix (7th Street & Rose Lane)

When we are naked we are all the same. Namasté.

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