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Rain and Zen

So yeah maybe this pic is going to get me in trouble with FB and goes against their community standards. You knw where to find me if this group gets shut down -

I have 2 spots left for the in-person class today at 2pm.

I have 3 spots left for the in-person class on Saturday at 11am.

Please remember to RSVP on the website. I take credit card and PayPal via the website but some of you know you can use Venmo or Zelle or Cash, just let me know :-)

The weather is warmer today although we have had some rain 'spramps' this morning. The temp continues to rise. Yoga practice takes place under an awning on our outdoor patio so even if we do get a few more little sprinkles like that we won't get wet. Bring your mala beads today - we will be removing obstacles.

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Ronald Ernst
Ronald Ernst
Feb 03, 2021

put some coin in the slot..

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