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New Year's Intentions!

Set an intention and infuse the New Year with positive change!

A new year is a great opportunity to reflect on your growth of the previous year. It's designed for us to truly explore our failures and, ultimately, our successes. It’s a good time to review what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown through the inevitable challenges life presents. Traditionally, with the coming of the New Year, we set out a list of goals, hopes, dreams, and resolutions. We ask ourselves where we could’ve made better decisions; whether we’re living from our hearts and true intentions.

The act of directing our energy and focusing it onto a singular act or goal cultivates what is called intention. Setting intentions directs the mind and gives us purpose. When we lose sight of our purpose, a void is created and we can easily stray off our path. By setting intentions and keeping them close, we can facilitate the path that we choose. The small decisions we make daily lead to different paths. We don’t have control over what obstacles life throws in our path, but we can control our actions.

Yoga is so much more than just exercise. Each pose is both a dedication and a reflection of the intention in our hearts. The physicality of this translation from mental words into embodied actions generates great power. Focusing on your heart and what’s important to you creates clarity and self-discovery devoting you to finding your dharma.

Join me for the last Power-Up Flow class of 2020 tomorrow at 3pm PT / 4pm MT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET.

Set your intention! (Resolutions are self loathing!)

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