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Monday's at 7:30pm is for Men's Naked Partner Yoga

Rarely on a Monday can I say 'come unwind from the long weekend' but here we are! It's good to be home and not traveling over a holiday or spending long periods of time away to take care of family obligations in other states. It was so good to see friends this weekend and made me grateful for this community of naked men Jim and I are a part of and the relationships we've built with others. This strong group of men in Phoenix really shines and reeks of acceptance; everyone is able to lovingly witness other naked men without judgement. When I am with these guys I feel safe, supported and elevated unconditionally.

This is what I hope to bring to you every Monday at 7:30pm with Men's Naked Partner Yoga. It's a great opportunity to face your own thoughts and emotions as we stand, sit, or lie naked with each other in a supportive and loving yoga poses. Everyone can benefit from improved intimacy and better communication.

When we are naked we are all the same!


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