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IG: @sol_nudeyoga Vin to Yin Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Last week on Wednesday, September 8th I was really happy to attend a new class offering with Héctor Sol at Studio 4 which I have been renting since June 2021 for mens naked yoga classes. Wednesdays really must be for Yin because I was coming off teaching my own full Yin Yoga class at 6pm and just a little bliss brained myself after going through all of those relaxing poses. If you are a yoga teacher you understand that there are some truly sacred moments in time when you can attend a class led by another instructor and be a student again. For me, Wednesday Vin to Yin will mos def be one of those sacred times.

I met Héctor a few years ago through some mutual channels and I enjoyed the few classes I ended up taking from him back then. Fast forward through the pandemic to the present time and after reconnecting with him to teach his workshop this past July, I bugged him about taking on at least one class per week starting this month and he agreed. Last week was the first 'Vin to Yin' class and having taught and attended classes with this format in the past; I was mindblown impressed by Héctor's whole production. He's mastered what it means to teach 'All Yoga Levels'; class starts with a very calming and intentional mediation and then suddenly you find yourself in a flow that creates its own heat and intensity. After he brings the energy for the first half of the class; he subtly drops it down low like a DJ easing you into a segue then dropping the bass and your ass right down to the floor for some deep stretching and long delicious asanas. Open your mind for a colorful savasana.

You can find this class online directly at - you can scroll past the membership offer and choose the cash option to pay Héctor directly or purchase a ticket from the site. For those of you who are new to the site, welcome to BearNakedYogi. I was really happy to see a few faces from the past as well as some new men attending this class last week; in addition to a few of my own students in Studio 4. Words cannot express my true excitement over this new class and how happy I was to see you guys in class. You can click on the image below to register for tomorrow night's class. Find Héctor on instagram @sol_nudeyoga or in person Wednesday nights at 7:30pm inside Studio 4.

See you on your mat!


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