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How do I build a stronger core with Yoga?

Join me at this morning's Saturday Beginner Yoga class for in person exercise and instruction!

In today's class, we'll be highlighting some poses that will target your core muscles and may perhaps be sending some new information to your abdominals and obliques. Of course there's no reason to worry, I've got a backup plan for just about every yoga pose out there if it proves to be too much on the first try.

Everything in Yoga begins with the BREATH!

During your physical practice, make the breath as intentional as if your were in your easy seat taking meditation. There is no need for 'wild animal breathing' in yoga! Make your inhales and exhales the same in length and intensity, perhaps counting 4 or 5 beats on the way in and the same on the way out. Consciously using your belly to breathe will already begin to strengthen your core muscles as they expand and contract with your breath. Let go of whatever your gut might look like and let your belly fully expand on the inhale. Press your navel back toward your spine on the exhale. You have already engaged your core by simply breathing.

Side Stretches as well as anything that elongates the entire body has expanded the core.

Twisting and revolved expressions of poses definitely engage the core in a way that uses almost the entire Solar Plexus at once.

Planking and other arm strength + balance involved poses can be challenging at first, but we'll go over some adjustments we can make to lessen the intensity.

See you on your mat when you are ready to come to a

Men's Naked Yoga class!


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