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Hotter in June - Happy Pride!

What a busy whirlwind month of June!

I will be teaching my normal Yin Yoga class at Melrose Yoga tonight at 7pm as usual.

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Palm Springs!

10am Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Margaritaville Hotel in Palm Springs.

My classes will be covered this weekend while we're away! I have been surrounded by a great group of instructors teaching Men's Naked Yoga. I am fortunate and grateful!

You can sign up as usual, just beware of taking a class with one of these fantastic teachers!

Don't Forget Dennis teaches Wednesdays at 7am (Clothed) and Thursdays at 5:30pm (Clothed) & 7:00pm (Naked)

Look for an upcoming special event All Levels Flow with Mat & Tanner on June 29th at 2pm.

I haven't told them yet that I redirected a domain name for their event.

Things are really picking up at Melrose Yoga since we took the keys back on February 1st! Thank you guys all so much for coming back to your practice!

Forrest @BearNakedYogi

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