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Happy New Year 2023!! FREE CLASSES January 9th - 21st 2023

Happy New Year! What an interesting holiday and couple of weeks it has been since I last taught you guys. While I actually missed it - I got to have the experience of a complete bathroom remodel of 2 full bathrooms in my house and, as an added bonus difficulty, got to spend a ton of extra money to replace a cleanout and line the current cast iron drain pipes which are starting to crumble under my foundation. The good news is - I do not have to worry about this in my lifetime now and overall this is still costing us far less than selling the house and moving somewhere else. Tomorrow, they are coming to remove all of the Saltillo tile throughout the house and Monday they will change the flooring to luxury vinyl planks. The next hurdle will be the kitchen!

Since you guys had such a good practice last year, I decided to give it back in gratitude for the first 2 weeks of January, so all classes are FREE Monday, January 9th thru Saturday, January 21st. Thank you so much for your practice, and participating in my program. I have always said that I have a corporate job that pays the mortgage but I have this 2nd job that actually brings me joy. Until I can find my own commercial space, I am locked in until Memorial Day with the Ballet Theatre in Studio 4. In 2023 we'll be manifesting that commercial space and it will happen at the right time.

These free classes are already starting to fill up, so get your RSVP in and give it a try if you haven't already. See you soon!

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