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HAPPY EASTER! No Classes April 8th -12th 2023

Just a reminder that classes are cancelled due to the Easter and Passover Holidays this week, today Saturday, April 8th thru Wednesday, April 12th. I hope you get to enjoy your family and your chosen family as we celebrate the arrival of spring and focus on rebirth, new beginnings and leaving the darkness of winter behind. Passover and Easter symbolize freedom from slavery and sin with a promise of redemption. It is a Spring time of liberation. It is a cleansing and clearing energy that carries the spirit of the season, full of hope, faith, and renewal. Asana and Pranayama are great ways to experience these expanding energies and emerge in a new space physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I am still available for private sessions over the weekend and Monday & Tuesday evenings.

What a glorious week the weather has graced us with. After the storms, the unusually cold weather we've experienced this year and the full speed of business of 2023, we needed these warm days, cool nights, and the abundant Full Moon energy to pause and reflect. Sort of like the chaos before the calm. Think of this week as a long restful Savasana. In the midst of social gatherings, allow yourself time to feel what you feel, go into it, do not avoid it. This is the substance of these warm celebrations with family and friends. We go through pain sometimes, we suffer, we try, we fail, we evolve. Move back out into the world with hope, and do this with as much love as possible.

I'll see you back on your mat after Easter Break!


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