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Gearing up for March 19th & 20th 2021

Ok Guys,

What a busy week! Last weeks winter weather was a real ball breaker and I ended up refunding, crediting, cancelling, rescheduling and getting out blankets and personal heaters during savasana for the 2 students who braved the cold and went naked last Saturday. If I happened to miss a refund or a credit somewhere please send me a reminder!

This week, we are back on the path of right action with a successful Wednesday 2pm class and private sessions on the rise again. You can schedule one on the website under 'Private Instruction'. I taught a partner class for 2 people who are in their own covid bubble and after a year of not teaching it the experience was absolutely delightful!

Friday 6pm Yin Yoga (tonight) - 3 spots left.

All on the floor, relaxing, long hold times and a chance for deep personal introspection. Watch the sun set poolside as you find your bliss.


Saturday 8am Pacific + Arizona time Online Flow

Coupon Code is BFDFreeFlowMar2021 and if it's not working for you message me and I'll just send you the zoom info. This class is free for the next 2 Saturdays.

Saturday 11am - Beginner Yoga - 2 spots left.

Tomorrow morning we'll review a few recurring favorites and explore a few more foundation and twisting poses to help cool you down as summer approaches.

Saturday 2pm - Slow & Low -3 spots left.

This class won't kill you, but it's a bit more than beginner. Slow to moderate flow with a focus on strength in poses and improving flexibility and balance. So far this has been a great group of guys and the banter has been fun and productive.

Find all of this and more at Pay online with a debit/credit card or PayPal - message me if you prefer to pay with Cash / Venmo / Zelle.

Hidden Menu Item - Want to join in on the 8am online class in person? Send me a message and I'll have you in the video frame or out of it participating in person.



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