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Funky Fresh Yin - Fridays!

If you can RSVP online (you may need to register as a user for my website first) at please feel free to attend this zoom class later this afternoon. We start with a moderate flow class to build up our inner fire just enough, then we take it all down to the floor for some quiet relaxing Yin style yoga. I'll take you from counting breaths to using my stopwatch to allow you to concentrate on poses for minutes at a time without having to think about the flow stuff.

In Yin Yoga, you aren't required to, but we normally use bolsters, blankets and other props to assist with the Yin poses. I use decorative round bolsters I bought second hand at a hotel liquidation warehouse because they were cheaper and better made than some of the yoga bolsters they sell online. I always tell you that yoga does not have to be expensive! So if you are at home, use a body pillow or 2, a sofa cushion, or stack blankets until you have the right level of lift and height to relax into your long intentional stretches. Sometimes blocks and straps come in handy here as well, you could get an old belt out of the closet for an improvised strap and one of my students uses a small bucket of pool chemicals at home instead of a yoga block.

Flow to your bliss and emerge from savasana with a pleasant sugar high for your Friday night!

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