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@BearNakedYogi is back in Chicago!

I came home to Phoenix for about 6 weeks and started my new corporate job, and I sure am busy. But now we are back in Chicago for 3 weeks to wrap up some of my mother in law's estate things. As things are a little more controlled during this visit, I'll be teaching online to cover my classes in Phoenix until those resume on Monday, April 18th after Easter Weekend.

If you are in Chicago and you have access to a studio space on the weekends, I'd love to organize a last minute class or even at night is great. I'll be in Michigan the weekend of April 2nd and 3rd so make sure you let me know if you'd like to organize a class in Grand Rapids, Detroit or Lansing. I's going to be a quick visit up there but we'll be happy to practice!

Wow it sure is cold up here! ANd today it got up to 70 degrees outside, tonight the temps drop drastically and tomorrow we get a snowstorm. WTAF mother nature? THIS weather is exactly why we moved to Arizona. Trust that I am wearing clothes and every thermal layer I own to keep warm. I may have to turn up the heat to teach this class tonight!

You can always find the online classes at I will continue to add any impromptu livestream of my practice or any classes I add in while I'm here. I am still working 40+ hours per week at my corporate job, so I'll be online when i can.

I hope to stay connected to you while I am gone, and find me online, tune in and find your bliss! ~Forrest

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