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Bear Naked Yogi, PLLC

"OK, do you have some sort of business women's special? "

Bear Naked Yogi is now a business entity in Arizona. Soon, I'll have a federal EIN number and I can change everything to business accounts. I never thought in my grown up life I would end up doing this but here we are. I turned 48 last week and I've been reminded about how sweet life is.

While my business is solid, the part I am struggling with is the space to teach and practice in. I have mentioned in class recently that I am searching for commercial real estate - somewhere in or near central Phoenix with adequate parking. I can absolutely lease and I am not opposed to buying the right studio space if the price is right. If you deal in this please reach out, I'd love to find out what's available out there.

There has been a lot of proverbial 'writing on the wall' in the past couple of months; I have apparently kept it real for a bit too long and it is time to take this side gig to the next level. I need to secure space and potential collaboration with other teachers. Opening up a new space will also provide a venue for the charity work we are involved in. The entire thing makes so much sense and I am here for it.

A reminder that if you have forgotten to pay me for any services, please remember to catch up with me at the next class or after practice. I have a few blocks and straps I am giving away currently if you are interested in having them at home, so go ahead and ask me at practice tonight at 7:30pm Yin Yoga or even this Saturday at 11:30am Beginner Yoga.

Keep in touch! If you have not been in for awhile, drop a note or a comment so we know you are well. Also, Pay attention to any upcoming changes in the next few months. One of my favorite things to say in yoga class is to mind your Dristi and 'Lift the Gays Up'. Let's elevate our community by boosting our practice!

With gratitude to all of you,


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May 04, 2023

Hey There!!! Had surgery and had to stop coming for a while, but I hope to start back up this month! Hope to see you soon!


Will Mathews
Will Mathews
Mar 23, 2023

Hi, buddy,

I need a beginers class!

Sunday doesnt work for me

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