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Back On The Mat, Pride Month and July 2023 Changes

What a very interesting month June has proven to be! I was back teaching classes last Monday after contracting Covid, cancelling classes and Isolating the week before. Anti-Virals help tremendously! This experience has brought me to ask you guys again for the sake of my attendance, to please sign up for class online! I was relying on you guys to be signed up for class and there are several of you I was unable to contact about being sick because you guys never sign up. I make it easy to sign up and pay cash once you arrive. Once a Bear Naked Yogi brick and mortar studio is open we'll require you to be registered before you walk in the door or sign in on the spot. Please help me manage my business correctly by helping me keep attendance, under your correct name.

We were back on the mat as of last week and all classes seem to have filled right back up! Glad to see you guys coming back and I am always happy to have you back in class :-)

The Bear Naked Yogi is still running classes on a regular schedule thru next week, bringing Pride Month to a close before the Independence Day Holiday. The last public class in June will be next week's Yin Yoga class on Wednesday, June 28th. Classes will resume on Monday July 10th with Beginner Yoga at 6pm and Partner Yoga at 7:30pm. Wednesdays are still Yin Yoga but please take note that we have changed the time and location of the Saturday Beginner Yoga class to our North Phoenix home starting class at 10am. Depending on the class size, this could be indoors with fewer students or outdoors if there are more of you. We do have the benefit of the swimming pool before, after and during class and a very private backyard. I decided to serve lunch after class on these days, so your RSVP to class is really important for catering purposes.

In August 2023, I will be taking the entire month off as well as the Labor Day holiday weekend and week after. Classes will resume on Monday, September 11th, location to be announced in the future. Hopefully by this time I will be inviting you to join classes in a new studio space all our own. I had a great phone call with a realtor today and he's already sent me several commercial listings to consider.

There has been in increase in Private Sessions recently and I would like you to know that I am available for private sessions but you will need to sign up online as there is a waiver to sign.

On the toolbar, click Private Instruction or use

to schedule a private session with me, tailored to your needs. My rate is $60 for 75 minutes of instruction, and can be just you or you can choose to include 1 other person like your partner, husband or a friend. This can be at my home or your home or private location.

There is a calendar attached to this, I work a 40 hour a week corporate job and I teach 2 nights per week and on Saturday mornings, so if it seems like you cannot schedule the time you want, I'm either working, teaching, or the time has been booked and reserved. Like all classes I run, you can schedule these private sessions and still choose to pay cash since that's a popular option. There is always the option to schedule your own private class with your friends.

Tonight, it's Men's Naked Yin Yoga at 7:30pm. All classes are $20. Bring your mat, towel and water and we'll find our bliss tonight. I remembered the laser projectors tonight!

Looking forward to another busy Yin Class tonight!



All Photos by Tory @artbycubchella

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So happy to read such good news. Will return to Prescott by the end of July and so eager to join again your Monday Partner yoga after September 11th. Wish you the best summer ever, a shining health. Greetings from Paris to you and our fellow yoga students.


Jun 22, 2023

Thank you for all the updates Forrest. I'm so happy that you'll have your own space soon. That's really exciting news. Dallas and I we'll be joining you all soon. Hopefully, next week for the Partner class and I might try out Yin too. I'll be sure to book the classes ahead of time. Take care and we'll see you soon!

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