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Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves

"Once you have really examined your body, you have faced a moment of truth."

This is one of my favorite video clips from the 1980's. I am posting a condensed version here but I think there is a full 50 minute VHS fitness video as well. It has been parodied by many but let's delve into the original video first. There's a whole bunch of self care and self reckoning until the yoga stretching in her hideous living room starts around 2 minutes and 18 seconds in. MY FAVORITE PART is at 2:55 with over a minute of gratuitous sacral rocking!!!!! After that she starts doing some sort of bizarre ritualistic interpretive dance around her courtyard, terrorizes a community while riding her bicycle and ends up taking the most luxurious bath I have ever witnessed.

Then, there's this. I really just can't even. Click at your own risk!

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