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4th of July 2021

OK Guys,

I had to make the decision to pull the Saturday and Sunday clothed classes from the program. These are not helping pay the rent like I thought they might. So I'll take my own advice and let that go.

That means I will be more available for private instruction on Saturday's all day long. I am usually available during the week until about 4pm Monday thru Wednesday and all day on Thursday's and Friday's if scheduled thru:

As we ramp up to the 4th of July Holiday - I am not available at all from July 1st - July 4th. Unless you are in or around Orange County. I'll work to pay for my trip!

I'm teaching this week in Phoenix:

Men’s Naked Yoga

Monday June 28th 6pm – Beginner Yoga

Tuesday June 29th 6pm – Slow & Low

Wednesday June 30th 6pm – Yin Yoga

If I don't see you this week, HAVE ALOT OF FUN wherever you are!!!

(I know you bitches are in Palm Springs...)

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