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Δ Variant & Masks

I want you guys to know that you should be prepared to wear a mask inside the building when coming to class. Once you are in Studio 4 upstairs, you can take your mask off if you like. I rent the space from the owners of the building and I do not have any say or power over the house rules. I definitely suggest you educate yourselves on this new Delta Variant of coronavirus and what the CDC is recommending as far as masks indoors for vaccinated individuals. I am vaccinated and I assume my students are all vaccinated and have access to some sort of mask after everything we've been through in the past 2 years.

There may be future changes depending on how bad this latest outbreak gets, so please stay tuned for any updates and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. For now, it's business as usual until I am otherwise advised by any of the powers that be. Sadly, we need to be conscious of protecting ourselves while the unvaccinated are currently wheezing off of the planet into the arms of Jesus. While that's going on, Men's Naked Yoga in Phoenix will keep the same schedule into August 2021. Because y'all muthafuckas need Vishnu!

Reminder, you can turn a jockstrap, dinner napkin or a bandana into a mask if you do not have a mask. I know you have a jockstrap in that bag and 72 more pairs at home in a drawer.

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